A Garden in Time

  • 1990 The land immediately at the back of King John's House was bought by Test Valley Borough Council and plans were made for a Community Garden
  • 1993 Friends of King John's Garden was launched to raise money and provide a workforce to realise the gardens
  • 1995 The North Courtyard paving was completed ant the Gardens formally opened
  • 1997 The Garden to the south of the Gun shop was purchased allowing to Victorian Garden and Tearoom Courtyard to be planned and built
  • 1998 The Garden was opened for first time as part of the National Garden Scheme
  • 1999 The Shelter by the bridge was built
  • 2000 The Pentice in the courtyard added another dimension
  • 2001 The Victorian Garden and tea terrace were laid out
  • 2002 Medwell Court was created when the land in this area was lowered.