Read’s Boot and Shoe Stores 1870s to 1935, 15 Church Street

Frank Read (1866 to 1935) was the son of James Read.  Father and son ran a boot and shoemaker business which was located at 15 Church Street next door to King John’s House Museum and Moody’s Gun Shop between the 1870s and 1935.  Frank was a popular personality in Romsey as a keen musician.  He was a bandmaster for the Test Valley and Romsey Town Bands. He was a popular figure at concerts and socials and before the advent of jazz he was in great demand at dances and charity events.  He was also a member of a Romsey Minstrel Group.  His daughter, Connie Read, later Holman, was a renowned soprano and even performed for radio broadcasts. Sources
  1. Photographs courtesy Romsey History Society
  2. Newspaper extracts British Newspaper Archive