Historic Gardens

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The history of the site of King John's House's gardens can be traced back to the late 1530s when King Henry VIII dissolved the monasteries. Then, King John's House and the surrounding land belonged to the Romsey Benedictine nunnery. Now, this area has been transformed into a series of beautiful gardens by a group of dedicated volunteers, who have created a welcoming oasis in the middle of town. Pre-18th-Century plants flourish in the main garden, along with a Victorian terrace and a fountain courtyard. The Gardens are designed and maintained by volunteers. Why not come on a guided garden tour?  These take place on Thursday mornings at 10.30am through the summer.  No charge, but donations always appreciated.  You could book here There are various events and projects which may interest you . During the spring and summer, enjoy traditional afternoon tea from Miss Moody's Tudor Tea Room in the Victorian Garden.