We know that King John ordered a House to be constructed in Romsey from the Close Rolls, original medieval records written in Latin, that tell us that Henry III, boy king and son of John, gifted that House to the Abbey. We also know that King John visited Romsey on a number of occasions. “…..that for the glory of God we have given to the Abbess of Romsey our house in Romsey which the Lord King John our Father caused to be built, so that she may turn it into her infirmary for the Abbey of Romsey” King Henry III sealed his decree on 9th November 1221 in Westminster, 800 years ago. The medieval building that we know as King John’s House, situated in the Town of Romsey in the valley of the River Test, first gained its association with King John in 1927. We also know that King John’s House was in the ownership of the Abbey at the dissolution, as Henry III’s gift was, but are these two buildings one and the same? The origin story is contested but a good story nonetheless.