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On the first Wednesday of each month at 10.30am we hold a historical talk in King John's House. These talks are given by different speakers on a wide variety of topics.

View from the Castle

3 July Wednesday 10.30am A View from the Castle— Scottish History from the 10th century to present day by Gordon Massie A look at 1000 years of Scottish History as it might have been viewed from the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle, from the love story of Malcolm Calmore to the opening of the Hollyrood Parliament and the return of the Stone of Destiny 7 August Wednesday 10.30am The Armada

“Whosoever commands the sea commands trade; whosoever commands the trade of the world commands the riches of the world, and consequently the world itself” – attributed to Sir Walter Raleigh.

The ‘Invincible’ Spanish Armada (fleet) did indeed command the seas – until it was sent to support an invasion of Queen Elizabeth’s England in the summer of 1588.  History records the outcome – a defeat for Spain. But what is the real story of how England’s famous ‘Sea Dogs’ achieved a most remarkable success against the odds, and against the machinations of its own government that almost  ‘snatched defeat from the jaws of victory’……….?

Commodore Adrian Munns OBE visits King John House for the 4th time with another illustrated maritime presentation on 7th August – exactly on the anniversary of one of the one of the most crucial actions of the Armada campaign.

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 Some of our other 2019Monthly Talks are:.

  • 6th March: Is King John’s House Romsey’s oldest stone built house? - What was its origin, past use and history an illustrated talk by Frank Green
  • 3rd April: The Townswomen’s Guild— After the Vote - A potted history of the Townswomen’s Guild from 1929 in this their 90 anniversary year, given byMargaret Parks
  • 1st May: Drawing on Architecture- a talk on Architectural Illustration by Pete Jarvis
  • 5 June: How did they Build Stonehenge? - a talk by Mark Udall
  • 3 July: A View from the Castle - Scottish History from the tenth century to the present day by Gordon Massie
  • 7 August: The Armada by Commodore Adrian Munns
  • 4 September: Hitler and Me - a personal history of Southampton during the Second World War by Barbara Burbridge
  • 2 October
  • 6 November: Florence Nightingale
  • 4 December: The Medieval Farming Year - Mary Harris tells the story of medieval life through the village of Michelmersh
Below are links to small write-ups on some of the previous talks provided: The Long Bow and its Impact on the Battle of Agincourt, by Stephen Whelan. A Brief Introduction to Heraldry, by Malcolm Heathcote. The Battle of Waterloo, By Stephen Whelan. Behind the Scene at the Museum: A Glimpse of Artefacts in Store by Barbara Burbridge  Bare Necessities: A Talk on Victorian Ladies Underwear by Ruth King The Hundred – A Charles Burnett Film