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  Our Next Monthly Talk

On the first Wednesday of each month at 10.30am and then again at 2.30pm we hold a historical talk in King John’s House. These talks are given by different speakers on a wide variety of topics.

 Our 2018 Monthly Talks are as follows:

  • 3rd January: Romsey Poor, Romsey Workhouse – by Colin Moretti will be giving his talk again this January as so many people were unable to get in last time
  • 7th February: The Stonehenge Landscape – 5000 years of human history a talk by Mark UdallThis talk explores the development and use of the Stonehenge landscape, through its Neolithic origins to the present day. The journey examines some of the theories associated with the purpose and construction of the monument and the myths and legends that have grown up around this iconic place.
  • 7th March: Romsey and Royalty from time immemorial – by Barbara Burbridge
  • 5th April: The British Expedition to Abyssinia 150 year on by David Bowman

Below are links to small write-ups on some of the previous talks provided:

The Long Bow and its Impact on the Battle of Agincourt, by Stephen Whelan.

A Brief Introduction to Heraldry, by Malcolm Heathcote.

The Battle of Waterloo, By Stephen Whelan.

Behind the Scene at the Museum: A Glimpse of Artefacts in Store by Barbara Burbridge

 Bare Necessities: A Talk on Victorian Ladies Underwear by Ruth King

The Hundred – A Charles Burnett Film

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