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WW1 - Romsey Boys and their part in the Great War

2 November 2015 - 30 January 2016 IMG_0002 (2) This exhibition focussed on the local boys of Romsey and the part they played in WW1. As well as details about where they were sent to fight and how many returned home, this exhibition also included poetry and letters written by some of the 1330 boys and men who were sent from Romsey and its surronding villages to serve either in the armed forces or merchant navy.

 The Bare Necessities - an Exhibition on Underwear

1 February 2016 - 27 April 2016

This exhibition detailed the history and evolution of this basic but essential item of clothes wear from ancient times to the present day. The exhibition showed how a Victorian lady dressed for receiving visitors, and also explained how terms such as chemise, boomers and drawers entered the English Dictionary. Read our short summary of a talk by exhibition curator and historian Ruth King about the topic here.


Past Wealth in Romsey

5 May 2016 -  30 July 2016 image1Our current exhibition explores the former opulence of Romsey's great houses and their grounds including Harefield House, Elm Place, Highwood House, Belbins House, Mile Hill Villa and many more. Find out who origionally commissioned and owned the houses, what happened to the houses over time, and what purpose they serve today.    

  The Strong Country

4 August 2016 - 29 October 2016 image2An exhibition that will delve into Romsey's brewing history, specifically Strong's Brewery and its employees. There was a common saying that went; 'So drunk he must have been to Romsey'. This shows how renowned Romsey was for its Breweries, especially Strong's Brewery which was the main source of employment in Romsey for over one hundred years. The importance of the Strong Brewery to Romsey heritage can be seen by Romsey being referred to as 'The heart of the Strong country'.