Monthly Talks

On the first Wednesday of each month at 10.30am and again at 2.30pm we hold a historical talk in King John's House. These talks are given by different speakers on a wide variety of topics, from The New Forest in World War Two to Medieval Graffiti.   Our 2018 Monthly Talks are as follows:
  • 3rd January: Romsey Poor, Romsey Workhouse - a reprise of Colin Moretti's talk which so many people missed in August
  • 7th February: The Stonehenge Landscape - 5000 years of human history- by Mark Udall
  • 7tht March: Royalty and Romsey from time immemorial - by Barbara Burbridge
  • 4th April: The British Expedition to Abyssinia: 150 years on - by David Bowman
Below are links to small write-ups on some of the previous talks provided: The Long Bow and its Impact on the Battle of Agincourt, by Stephen Whelan. A Brief Introduction to Heraldry, by Malcolm Heathcote. The Battle of Waterloo, By Stephen Whelan. Behind the Scene at the Museum: A Glimpse of Artefacts in Store by Barbara Burbridge  Bare Necessities: A Talk on Victorian Ladies Underwear by Ruth King The Hundred – A Charles Burnett Film

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