King John’s House has a fascinating collection of artifacts from around the Romsey area varying from a fossilised Mammoth tooth; to medieval graffiti; to items from the old Moody shop on Church Street; to war medals and memorabilia. As of July 2015 we are starting up an Object of the Week Project, accessible online, which will highlight items from our collection to give you that little bit more information.  You can access this information below, as well as on Twitter and Facebook. If you would like a closer look, or have any questions, please drop by or contact us.


Object of the Week:


Cup from Drinking Fountain





Other interesting objects include:

Read more about each item here:

A Letter and Envelope sent to the Western Front, July 1916

A Programme of Events from the Romsey Pageant, 1907

Medieval Graffiti

Mazawattee Tea

Lord Mountbatten’s Inkwell

Medieval Face Jug

Victorian Sunday School Rewards

Robert Smeetham Scout Medal of Merit

Post Medieval Bone Floor

Paleolithic Hand Axe with Fossilised Urchin Imprint

Eighteenth Century Wig Curlers

Curio From Romsey Abbey



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